Customized Designer Wallcoverings

Say no to dull and boring walls add zest to your home and office. Now your home or office can instantly transform into a dream one, with Vitalwalls. You may choose fresh and energetic wallpaper or choose something that is natural and serene or choose something that is classic and premium or choose vastu wallpaper to bring prosperity, luck and good health or get your favorite picture or a family portrait printed as wallpaper.
Don’t worry we do total turnkey from measurements to printing to installation. You get to choose from a wide range of washable exquisite collection of wallpapers, privacy films and wall decals in three different textures (Durashine, Richcanvas & Premiumtex).
We have been delivering top quality wall decor products to interior designers, decorators, architects to makeover the aesthetics of homes and offices. Our extensive selection featuring unique & exclusive wall decor products and three different textures, all-available online, is unparalleled.
So go ahead and instantly tran sform your home and office.

Any size   |   Hundreds of designs   |   Hassle free installation   |   Zero maintenance.

Better than Wallpaper

Vitalwalls wallcoverings are so much better than traditional wallpapers! They are non-tearable, easy to wipe clean & do not absorb water, therefore fungus-free!

Hundreds of Designs

Choose from professionally created Designs specially selected to suit all kinds of Interior Spaces. All designs are organized in categories like Nature, Patterns, Kids, Techno, Funky and Artistic. Apart from these, Designs are also categorized as per Vaastu. Browse the design section and see how they would look in your space.

Hassle Free Installation

Vitalwalls wallcoverings are self adhesive and require no glue. Our Customer Service Executive will book an appointment with you before sending our trained & experienced team who will install the wallpaper. Typically he wallpaper is installed in less than an hour and it has no curing or drying time! Hassle Free and No Mess!



Traditional wallpapers are based of ‘paper’ which absorbs water and so these tend to become soggy and unglued. The expansion in a local area also destroys the aesthetic value.Vitalwalls wall coverings are based in PVC and are totally free from these problems.


Traditional wallpapers have a tendency to strip as they are made from paper and paper can be easily torn. Small areas of stripped surfaces make a hugely negative impact on the look and feel. Vitalwalls wall coverings are non-tearable and remain intact.

Easy to Clean

Keeping the dirt off traditional wallpapers is a daunting task. They can easily get stained. Vitalwalls wallcoverings are completely washable and water proof. This makes your wall free from stains and also a lot more hygienic.


how it works

Easy Process

What do you need to do?

Choose your wall, where you want to fix wallcovering.

Choose your favorite theme (for living room, dining room, kid’s room, memory walls etc.) and select the design, which you always wanted for your wall.

 For selection of images you just have to go to our website where you will find gallery section.

In gallery section you will find images, which are categorized (e.g.-nature, wildlife, snow, flowers, skyline etc).

There is separate Vastu section, where the images are segregated as per Directions.

Select image whichever you want on your wall and place an order online.

What we have to do?

First our sales person fixes an appointment with you, after that he will come to your place to examine the wall.

Measure the wall

  1. To determine the amount of wallcovering you’ll need, first measure the height of the wall from the top of the baseboard to the ceiling or molding. Next measure the length of each wall. Add the lengths of the walls together. Find the total number of square feet by multiplying the wall height by the total length to get the number of square feet to be covered by wallpaper.

If required, some changes may be suggested to be done to the wall so that there is no difficulty at the time of installation.

  1. Clear the Room: – If you have old wallpaper that needs removing, before you begin, remove everything possible from the room.

  2. Paint if necessary: – Paint the trim and ceiling if necessary. Do this before the wallpaper is hung so that you don’t get paint on the wallpaper.

  3. Spackle Cracks and Holes: – Fill all cracks and holes using a joint compound and drywall compound or Spackle. Sand the areas until they are smooth and coat them with interior primer and let it dry completely.

  4. Apply Sizing to the Walls: – Apply a coat of wallpaper sizing to the wall if necessary. The sizing helps you slide the paper into place when hanging it.

 Next Steps

  1. As per the dimensions, order to printing the wallpaper.

  2. Once if wallpaper is ready then our trained persons will come to your place to install the wallpaper.

  3. Now you can see, your wall is full of colors, as you want from a long time.

  4. Now wallpaper alters the appearance and perception of the whole room.


 What are the benefits of wallcoverings versus painting?

Wallcoverings look more beautiful and provide visual texture as compare to color. We can say wallcoverings may be more expensive than paint but designs can provide the x-factor that otherwise gets added through pictures and other wall hangings.

Wallcoverings does not provide the choice that paint provides?

Vitalwalls wallcoverings provide hundreds of redy designs and colours to choose from. Visit our Gallery to see for yourself what suits your space and style the most.

How do I figure out how much wallpaper to buy?

In the Order form, just fill out the width and height of you wall. Our representative will do the rest for you. Dont forget to add 8inches to the height and width both so that it will take care of any minor misalignments in the wall.

We have seen at many places, wallpapers peeling off and joints opening out .Why should this happen?

Traditional ‘Wallpapers’ use a additional glue for fixing. It therefore depends on the skill of the paster. Sometimes when wallpaper is not pasted properly, it’s the lack of binding between the wall and the adhesive.

Vitalwalls ‘Wallcoverings’ are self adhesive and provide adhesion to each small bit. Our trained professionals along with this superior material, ensure that there is no peeling of the wallcovering.

What sizes are available?

As long as there is a wall, size doesn’t matter. Vitalwalls wallcoverings have vitalized walls more than 100 feet! Basically, any size!

Where can I get designs?

You can choose the wallpaper from our Gallery where you can see the images which are categorized according to theme or else if you want to give your own design we can also go for that.

What preparation do I need to do on the wall?

No, using soap and sponge we can easily peel away each panel of wallpaper.

Will there be any damage to my wall?

If you installed wallpaper according to our instructions on a clean and repaired wall then it will not damage the wall.

Can I wash wallpaper once it’s installed?

Definitely, you can wash your Wallpaper with a mild mixture of soap and water. Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean wallpaper otherwise it can damage the print.

Can pen or hand marks be wiped off the wallpaper?

Only permanent ink can damage the print of wallpaper.

Can I make wallpaper for multiple walls?

Yes, you can make wallpaper for multiple walls with different designs.

What kind of quality can I expect from the prints?

All prints are printed from high resolution images and are printed on Good Quality of Paper using Good Quality of Inks.

Is it difficult to remove wallpaper?

No, using soap and sponge we can easily peel away each panel of wallpaper.

Will my Wall have an odor?

The adhesive is non toxic and water soluble and you can easily wash it with soap and water.

Are the colors vivid and is the wallpaper good for close viewing?

Vitalwalls are printed with Latex Inks on the HP PVC Free Wallpaper Media with an ultra-smooth finish that provides vivid color and high-definition detail, perfect for close viewing.

Is the wallpaper eco-friendly?

Yes, the wallpaper is printed with water based hp latex inks produce odorless prints.

The colors and sheet used for printing wallpaper is 100% green and eco-friendly product.

What is the life of the wallpaper?

The wallpaper for interior walls should be fresh and glow up to 20years.

Can I cancel or combine an order?

Once you have made a purchase, you cannot cancel and/or combine an order. Our automated fulfillment system starts working for you immediately after you place your order and begins the delivery process.

What if the dimensions of my wallpaper are not correct?

We are providing you with an Online Design Tool from where we can enter the dimensions of your walls and the layout, size and placement of your obstructions on the wall. We will not be responsible for inaccurate sizes of the wallpaper due to you entering incorrect dimensions in the design tool.

Wallpaper fades out after sometime?

Vitalwall wallpaper does not fade as they are technically tested and certified for color fastness against UV-Light and color to rub by laboratories.

What is the length of a roll of wallpaper?

There are different sizes of rolls are available in the market but the standard size is 53 cm width roll of wallpaper contains approx. 58 sq. feet or 33 lineal feet.

How to calculate the quantity of rolls required?

Wallpaper is calculated in square footage. You just need to take the length of the wall and multiply it by the height of the wall.

Do you undertake Annual Maintenance Contract?

Yes, we take annual maintenance contract for corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, companies, etc.

If we want to make any suggestion or complaint or communicate directly to your manager.

For complains and suggestions you can mail us or you can contact +91 83800 77577

Do you give guarantee to your product?

Yes, we give one year warranty on all our products and installation services.

Can I use my own design to print on wallpaper?

Yes definitely you can choose your own design if your order in bulk.

How long does it take wallpaper to dry?

Generally, most wallpapers dry overnight. In case of old buildings the dry process can take weeks as there are multiple coats of glossy paint on the walls.