Shipping policy

We pack your art with extra care and get it to you just as fast as we can. Find out how to estimate shipping and delivery times below.


Art prints are rolled with thick paper to protect against dust before being packaged in corrugated triangular shipping containers. There is not an option at this time to ship the items flat.
Framed items are covered securely and placed in adjustable corrugated inserts that lock the frame in position.

Once you place the order, we ship it on the 3rd working day (if it’s only the print) and on 4th working day (if it is a framed print). The Shipment takes 2-7 working days to deliver in India.
Sometimes it might take some extra time due to unforeseen circumstances.

We do not include Octroi in our pricing. All octroi payments, if any, are to be made directly by the buyer.

Please Note:
This is only a general guideline for our processing times. See your art’s product details to see how soon a specific item is expected to ship. Processing begins only when successful payment has been applied to the order. Denied credit card authorizations and mailed payments will delay processing start times